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Q: Why Contribute?

The site brings people together as and when needed, appreciation is given to all those that contribute, making the do-good factor infectious. Studies indicate that the very act of giving back, boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. Feeling appreciated make us feel more inclined to do more.

Volunteering your time, talent, knowledge or energy to help others doesn’t just make the world better—it also makes you better. Volunteering your time is profoundly rewarding and pleasurable. However, I also think that the donation of your highest strengths and talents is far more rewarding and pleasurable than traditional volunteering, because it combines the elements of meaning and engagement.

Here are seven benefits of lending a hand to those in need. 


Want to extend your lifespan? Research has shown that acts of kindness improve health, and improved your ability to manage stress and stave off disease as well as reduced rates of depression and an increased sense of life satisfaction—when giving back is performed on a regular basis.


When one person performs a good deed, it causes a chain reaction of other altruistic acts. One study found that people are more likely to perform feats of generosity after observing another do the same. This effect can ripple throughout the community, inspiring dozens of individuals to make a difference.


Sociologists tracked 2000 people over a five-year period and found that those who described themselves as “very happy” volunteered at least 5.8 hours per month. Researchers also think that giving back might give individuals a mental boost by providing them with a neurochemical sense of reward. We need both contribution and growth to feel happy – to achieve this we need to connect to others.


According to sociologists, teenagers who volunteer have better grades and self-image. You can also add the GREAT post to your CV, making you stand out in the mire of candidates.


Looking for more meaning in your day-to-day existence? Studies show that contributing enhances an individual’s overall sense of purpose and identity—particularly if they no longer hold a life-defining role like “worker” or “parent.”

Q: Why ask for help?

Asking for help can be surprisingly hard, even when it’s only for some minor difficulty. Doing so can be seen an admission that you aren’t perfect, which can lead to feelings of weakness or inadequacy. Yet, it’s a vital life skill. Many of life’s obstacles can’t be tackled alone – we simply don’t live long enough to learn how to do everything on our own. Whether you’re looking for a little assistance with an assignment or seeking answers to a serious problem, practical or professional, asking for help is the first step towards positive progress.

The website gives enquirers a free voice to be heard; asking is the first step towards receiving.

Q: What is expected of a user?

Don’t expect to receive if you are not prepared to give. Each offer and acceptance is down to your discretion, they may not be of equal perceived value. However, each act of contribution is important! The site is free as long as you participate in both contribution and inquiring for help. There is no restriction to the use of the site, however we ask that you respect each other. These are some examples that we feel are appropriate and may give you some ideas:

  • Individuals who would like to request a service, or advice – anyone in need of help.
  • Charity staff, looking to ask for specific help – attracting people who perhaps cannot contribute time or skills continuously.
  • Raise awareness of a social cause – giving the cause exposure.
  • Start-up businesses who require help or guidance – high level of business fail, especial since the government funding for support has been reduced.
  • Individual who feels alone or lost, i.e. an elderly relative who need a one-off request, to a new mum who is new to the area.
  • Students who would like to practise newly learnt skills and add experience.
  • Newly qualified professionals who need to gain experience in their new vocation.

Q: What is not suitable to post?

  • Divulging personal information
  • Asking too much of others
  • Offers of payment
  • Being rude or dispresentful

Q: Can I add more points?

You can add more points on your profile page, click on the link and follow the instructions. You can also give your points to someone else, perhaps you have seen a good cause and would like to donate your points to them.

Q: What is a GREAT Post?

We believe that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

G – Grateful for your time, the fact that someone spent time with you, deserves to be recognised, time is a valuable commodity.
R – Reference – let them know what you found useful.
E – Explain why you chose them to help, and how they did.
A – What action will you take now.
T – Thank you.

To be used on social media, CV or just kept as a reminder – we did something good!

Please always send a GREAT Post to anyone that has accepted and completed a request and helped.

Q: Can I charge?

The site is for those that want to give back and help, free of charge. Once you have a connection you may discuss any further work and contact each other on an alternative platform. We want you to connect with others that may use your service in the future but while you are here, please do not charge and only accept points and a GREAT post as payment.

Q: Closing an account?

Why? If there is a problem, please let us know! Your points can be given to someone else prior to closing your account. Find the person you would like to give your point to and then click transfer points and send. Click on the link at the bottom of your profile to delete.